buildings and structures

 From:  steve (STEEVE)
2110.12 In reply to 2110.9 
Pilou and Anis, I agree, SU is great but it is limited (so far) for producing formal architectural drawings with notes and dimensions etc all set out nicely on a page. Those drawings have to be very clear and to scale when they are finally printed. SU are developing that side but I think it has a way to go yet.

There are problems making line drawings from a 3d model. Like if I import a model from MoI as 3ds (ie polygon) my arch app does not have a "merge coplanar faces option" like SU does. So a cube will be made up of triangular faces which means in "hidden line" view, all the diagonals are showing. In a complex model that's a lot of lines to delete!

There is a way around this by going through and intermediate application but it takes time.

But the point here really is that MoI is a great tool for visualising arch problems in 3d.

Also for communication. The architect can pull out the MoI model on his laptop on site and in seconds the builder will get the idea exactly.