blend problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi jonjon,

> How to smoothen it?

Typically you use the Fillet command to put rounded edges in spots where you currently have sharp edges.

Are you possibly familiar with a polygon modeling program that has a "subdivide" or smooth step? MoI is not a polygon modeling program, it is a NURBS-based program that has a pretty different system of working from a polygon modeling program.

> what file extension and how I will render it?

MoI is currently focused only on modeling, you need to export your model to a rendering program to render it. There are many to choose from, for example: Carrara, Cinema4D, 3DS Max, Lightwave, Modo, Maya, HyperShot, Blender, Softimage, Kerkythea, Maxwell, .... to name just a few.

Different programs may prefer to have their data in a particular format. So there is no one single rule to follow that all exports should be only of one single file format, it can depend on what program you are going into.

But the most common one is .obj though.

- Michael