DWG to moi (3dm)

 From:  rado
SATOUT doesn't seem to be a valid command in AutoCAD 2007. They also used to have an option to save as an IGES file but apparently that is no longer available in this version of ACAD.

I attached a sample boilerplate plan that is our autocad template file at work (the large plan has all of the linetypes, symbols, etc that we commonly use, this is just a small portion of it).

It doesn't seem to read when imported into MoI. I guess it would be nicer for people who don't have illustrator to be able to skip that step altogether. I'm not sure if this PDF problem is a common one or just something specific to the way that AutoCAD exports the lineweights etc...

Again thanks for your help. It's very very nice to be able to directly speak to the developer.