DWG to moi (3dm)

 From:  Michael Gibson
2105.3 In reply to 2105.1 
Hi rado - what application is your data originating in, is it AutoCAD?

If so you might try using the SATOut command in AutoCAD to try writing the data to an .SAT file, the current MoI v2 beta can read SAT data.

If you want to get lines over, then also another possibility could be to print to a PDF printer to generate a PDF file which can then be opened with MoI. There is a good free PDF printer available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ . The way that works is that it appears to a program as if it was a regular printer, but when you print to it, it takes that output and puts it into a PDF file.

Really the best solution currently (although not free) is to use Rhino though.

> I noticed that there were several posts from 07' saying that
> you were planning on adding dwg support in v.2.

Yeah, I had wanted to include it in v2 and it is still maybe possible but it is looking somewhat unlikely at this point since other pieces have taken longer than I had originally thought.

> Any chance this is coming soon? (next beta perhaps?)

Sorry no - definitely not for the next beta. Unfortunately it will take quite a bit of work to make this happen, those are not particularly easy file formats to deal with.

- Michael