DWG to moi (3dm)

 From:  rado
I've done searches on these forums, the autocad 07 forums as well as plain old google searches.

I want to be able to take a simple line drawing (DWG / DXF) and import it into moi. I'm looking for a solution that is free and that will allow me to do it multiple times (ie no trial period limited use software).

I've tried a number of different approaches so far. The "best" one involving importing a dwg file in sketchup, using a make faces script and then exporting that result as an OBJ, and then running that OBJ file through the objto3dm program. However, the end result is almost unusable as it ends up being a giant triangulated mess. It's still faster to simply redraw the plan in MoI.

I noticed that there were several posts from 07' saying that you were planning on adding dwg support in v.2. Any chance this is coming soon? (next beta perhaps?)

If not is there a better way to do this???