Extrude to surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
210.4 In reply to 210.3 
Hi Richard, thank you for making those images, that totally clarifies it.

I had been thinking about adding this functionality into Trim (or maybe more appropriately a boolean) instead of Extrude, though.

The way it would work is in your step 3, instead of doing an extrusion there you could do a trim or boolean of the box with the curve, and there would be an option to leave the imprint of the extruded trimming curve on to the box. Right now you can do the trim, but it only cuts the box and does not leave the extrusion of the trimming curve itself behind, that's what would change.

This would end up being a little bit more general purpose than doing a specialized extrude, because a specialized extrude method would have problems with some shapes, such as imagine if your trimming curve in step #3 was a circle - you can't do a clean extrusion of a circle if the circle is vertically aligned...

So what would you think of that method?

- Michael