Extrude to surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
210.2 In reply to 210.1 
Hi Richard,

> I was wondering if you are developing an option to extrude to surface.

Can you explain this in a little bit more detail? One thing I was thinking of adding in eventually (after some other stuff such as arrays, image backgrounds, etc are done) was an option for having extrude to create a protrusion from an existing surface and have it automatically unioned to the main object. But this would be the equivalent of doing a boolean union on the result of a surface extrusion. You're mentioning boolean subtraction so I think you may be asking about something slightly different.

> I hope this is not a redundant post as I want to add new suggestions and not
> beat a dead horse so to speak :)

Don't be afraid to speak up and offer suggestions and request new features. Sometimes it helps me gauge things when I see a lot of people asking for stuff, that can help me prioritize. Please don't get discouraged if I mention that something may take a while, everything can't get done all at once! :)

> Thanks again for this wonderful program and the new beta works fantastically with the n-gon export.

Thank you! If you're using the n-gon export, I'd love to see some wireframe snapshots, I haven't really had a chance to see many results of that yet.

- Michael