Meshing problem with g2 blended surface.

 From:  Michael Gibson
2091.7 In reply to 2091.6 
Hi PaQ,

re: Meshing problem with blended surfaces

This was a tough one! But I have fixed it up for the next beta.

It actually was not a bug in the triangulator after all. The n-gons that you export do not have a hole there exactly but they do have a very small folded over area, kind of like this:

That's shown slightly separated there, the actual n-gon has a kind of "back tracking" overlapping part on it. MoI's triangulator will try to not make triangles that go in the wrong direction so they don't try to fill in that part that folds back, that's why there was a tiny hole in the display there.

The actual bug is a pretty subtle thing involving tolerances and accuracy of dicing up curves into lines for sampling for various calculations. I have tuned these areas to solve this problem and make these processes work better, but please let me know if you run across this kind of thing again in the future after the next beta is out.

- Michael