Meshing problem with g2 blended surface.

 From:  PaQ
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to apply an other technic than usual for building this ship, using massively G2 blending.
In fact I was quite please with the results so far, I was able to keep some 'hard' edges from the original design,
but I still have nice specular on edges without any fillets.

However, I've tried a quick meshing tool preview, and I discover some strange lines in my model ...

Which in fact were just holes Oo

The only way to correct it was to use the 'divide larger than' setting, until I have a vertical section in the artefact area

But doing that will give me a really too heavy model, and it's not a viable solution for this project.

2 or 3 surfaces were build with rhino network tool (for continuity reason), but it's actually surfaces building inside moi that
show the problem.

I have attached a part of the model, troubles are somehere in the yellow selected surfaces (need to zoom quite close in the
meshing preview)

EDITED: 4 Dec 2015 by PAQ