More newbie fanboy blather!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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I'm glad you like it!

> "Please" for the next beta, when you unhide a group of objects/components,
> reselect them. So that we can easily manipulate the selection and rehide them.

I've set this up for the next beta, which will probably be a couple of weeks away. For the next beta after that I'm planning on doing a bit more work to hide so that when you unhide instead of just bringing back everything, it will temporarily show all the hidden objects and let you pick which ones you want to unhide, then when you are done picking only those particular ones will get shown. That should make it another notch more effective.

> First, thanks for the AutoCAD style selection rectangles (fence/box
> depending on the direction you drag out the rectangle).

You're welcome!

> Second, I don't like the grid. I wish it would draw over objects which
> are behind/under it. It's pretty, it looks really nice, but I think it could
> provide a better visual cue as to where things lie in 3D space.

I wanted to have an option to do what you're describing here, but it is actually a fair amount more work than what it seems like it should be. It gets a bit complicated because the grid can extend a far distance off into the background, so it kind of has to be handled in a few different slices. And then I've got a dashed line style on the grid lines which is kind of hard to maintain in a continuous pattern when things are sliced up. Not impossible, just a chunk of work. So these problems made me postpone having this option, I will probably be able to have it eventually but it will be a while.

> It has crashed on me twice. It just dumped to the desktop.

Can please you take a look in the c:\program files\MoI folder to see if there are any crash report files saved there? They are files like, If there are any there, please e-mail them to me at, they will contain some information that may help me analyze the cause of the crash.

They may not have been generated because normally there is supposed to be a dialog box that displays on a crash, but you didn't see that.

> Radeon 7000 64M (Catalyst 5.8 driver - I know it's an older driver

Apart from the driver, the card itself is rather old. It's just about the bare minimum for being able to run MoI very smoothly. It will work fine with not too complicated stuff, but it will become a bottleneck if you try to do anything more complex.

But one of the cool features of MoI is that all the anti-aliased curve drawing stuff functions well even on these older cards, which I'm sure you've noticed! :)

> I guess I still owe you a question... What price range are we looking at?

The plan is to have a pretty low end price, especially as CAD programs go. It's not completely set yet so I'm not quite ready to announce an actual figure. As a general range - a bit more than most shareware programs but a lot less than most CAD programs...

Thanks for all the kudos, I appreciate it!

- Michael