More newbie fanboy blather!

 From:  BentFX

To start off... Michael, This thing is great! I can't say enough. The display is beautiful, the tools are coherent, and the interface makes me ache for a tablet pc. KUDOS!

Now for the real stuff... :)

"Please" for the next beta, when you unhide a group of objects/components, reselect them. So that we can easily manipulate the selection and rehide them. I think it would be a nice interim feature, until layers are implemented. From a certain line of reasoning it seems that hide/unhide should work that way anyhow, and it should be really quick to implement.

Also, coming from a CAD background, two items to mention... First, thanks for the AutoCAD style selection rectangles (fence/box depending on the direction you drag out the rectangle).

Second, I don't like the grid. I wish it would draw over objects which are behind/under it. It's pretty, it looks really nice, but I think it could provide a better visual cue as to where things lie in 3D space.

Now how about oddball things I've run into... It has crashed on me twice. It just dumped to the desktop. Both times I was doing booleans with two objects that had several coincident surfaces. It just thought for a long time, then left. :) Quite honestly, especially in a beta, I would rather it just dump out, as opposed to locking up :)
Win2K SP4
768 Meg
Radeon 7000 64M (Catalyst 5.8 driver - I know it's an older driver, but the newer catalyst control panels are bloated pieces of swine flesh. I don't know who, over there, makes the decisions on such things, but there is no reason to stack dependency upon dependency just to make a visual fiesta out of what should be a list of check boxes! Argh,... ARGH! it is such a sticking point with me. You never should have brought it up :) (Focus on the -> :) )

What would this whole thing be, without throwing in a question... Can you flip a surface, inside for out? For instance, I create a boolean object then separate it, rearrange the pieces, and re-join it... nevermind... in creating screenshots to illustrate my problem, I realized the problem was, and is, strictly mine :) (my edges weren't lining up. When they are lined up properly it works as it should)

I guess I still owe you a question... What price range are we looking at?

All in all, it's looking to be an awesome package. It is still evolving, yet it already feels polished, it's visually appealing, very functional, and setup is less than 4.5 Meg. I can't say enough!

Keep up the good work!

EDITED: 6 Nov 2006 by BENTFX