Box modeling in MoI - Script request.

 From:  Michael Gibson
2088.6 In reply to 2088.4 
Hi Danny,

> Well it depends on the software, there are a few Cad programs out
> there where the extrude function has a few more features, like offset
> and boolean as you're extruding, for example: you could create a box
> using a single line.

Yeah, I would like to kind of incorporate some of that into MoI in the future, like some kind of operation for automatically fusing the result of an extrusion with a base object.

But typically in the CAD programs that do that, your extrusion is something that comes from a single planar sketch curve... Does NX handle the situation that PaQ is trying to do in this case of extruding from multiple different planar faces in one step?

Really the single plane case is not particularly time consuming in MoI either, you do have to use like 3 tools to do it, but it should come together quite quickly.

The multi-plane case takes a lot more steps though.

- Michael