Box modeling in MoI - Script request.

 From:  Michael Gibson
2088.5 In reply to 2088.1 
Hi PaQ, I see that the case that you want to speed up is more difficult because you want it to protrude from 2 faces instead of just a single face, is that correct?

You're probably doing fine with a single face, just offset, extrude, then union.

For the multiple faces I would probably go for these steps currently:

Select these edges - note the unselected one:


Select these edges, again with the common one unselected:

Offset, use end snap to align the offsets:

Draw a line:

Select the line and the first offset:

And extrude (note, same as offset extrude does not need a join step, it will do it built in):

Select the line and the second offset curve and extrude - note there is no snap here to get precisely the same extrusion depth as the other one, but probably for your purposes if you just eyeball it to be close that would be ok?

Select the 3 solids and do boolean union:

No trimming or extending involved, so this is probably faster...

It would probably be pretty hard to come up with just a script to improve that, but it kind of calls out for some improvements to offset and extrude to handle a single outline that is made up of several different planar chunks. I'll think about that a bit.

- Michael