Box modeling in MoI - Script request.

 From:  Michael Gibson
2088.20 In reply to 2088.19 
The kind of corresponding thing for Planar would be to be able to make a shape like this:

Into a solid by adding 3 planes with just one go of the Planar command.

But I seem to have run into a pretty major snag though, with the problem of multiple possible planar groupings.

Like for example this shape:

You would want this planar grouping I think:

But here is an alternate planar grouping (same curve viewed from a different angle to see the different planes more clearly):

Maybe that one is solvable by using the smallest number of planes... But this one looks pretty hard to decide:

For Cap there would be a way to figure out which of the 2 was needed since the one that overlaps existing planes could be avoided. But for just a standalone curve being processed I'm not sure if there would be a good way to choose...

I'll have to think about it for a bit but I'm not so sure right now if this will really work as I had initially thought....

- Michael