Box modeling in MoI - Script request.

 From:  PaQ
Hello Moidelers ! ...

From time to time (and especially this last days), I have to model so really basic cubic shapes in MoI, and comming from poly-modeling school, I
apply my box modelling technique inside MoI.

Stuffs like that for example :

While doing that in a poly software will require 15sec using a unique tool (poly bevel), it will require way more time in MoI and different function (extracting edge, offset, extrude, union).

To speed-up a little bit the process, is it possible, by a script, to extract edges from a surface selection ?

Something like :

will return this ...

So I can easily apply an offset on it ->

I know it sounds like I'm in a script supermarket, but programming/scripting is really not my cup of coffee :S

And just to improve my modeling method, what would be the fastet workflow to create something like this in MoI ?

In modo it requires exactly 3 clicks, but if I have to do the same thing if MoI, I'm sure I'm good for 3 minutes of curves offseting, extending, triming, extruding, booleans ...
(btw don't take this as a complain, MoI is so faster in many other area :))

Just curious to see some input from some native nurbs guy :)

EDITED: 3 Dec 2015 by PAQ