About Extrude

 From:  Michael Gibson
2084.2 In reply to 2084.1 
Hi Pilou, re: extrude - maybe I don't understand exactly what you mean there, but showing the result of the direction on the second point is a feature that lets you get some feedback on what that direction is going to look like before you finish picking. It's a similar feature as any other kind of point-picking feedback, such as seeing the result of the extrude when you move your mouse around before you pick the actual height point.

For "Set Path" it does not update until you finish picking a curve. This is normal behavior for all other commands as well - generally for actions that require picking an object they wait until an object is selected before updating anything, they do not update on every mouse move over objects, but picking points it is generally the other way around and normally things update dynamically to match the point currently under the mouse before it is picked.

If you do not want to see any feedback for the "Set dir", then an alternative would be to draw a line segment first and use that as the path with "Set path".

re: select generator curves, check out the Select parents script:

If you have an object selected, that will switch selection to any generator curves that were used to create it.

- Michael