Move MoI V1 installation to another pc

 From:  Michael Gibson
2080.2 In reply to 2080.1 
Hi Anis, normally you would just run the setup installer program (like for v1 it is moi_v1_setup.exe) on your other machine to install it over there.

MoI does not bind itself to only be installed on one single machine, so there is no "unbind" or "license release" type procedure if that was what you were worried about.

If you want to copy over your settings, you can do that by copying over the moi.ini file which is located here (on XP, Vista is slightly different):
C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Application Data\Moi\moi.ini

Actually with MoI you don't even actually need to run the installer, you can copy over MoI's main installation folder (like C:\Program Files\MoI 1.0) over to the other machine and it will run fine that way. You can't do that with most programs because they often install bits of things all over the place and put all kinds of things in the system registry, but MoI is set up to be very much more "self contained".

But just running the installer on the other machine would be the most typical way to do it.

If you did not save the installer from your initial download, send me an e-mail at, and tell me your name or e-mail address that you purchased it with and I can send you a new download link.

- Michael