From:  Michael Gibson
2077.5 In reply to 2077.1 
Hi Keith, looking at a bigger reference image:

Try to identify some longer unbroken lines of the design.

Like for instance I can kind of see one long unbroken line here:

For a moment, focus only on that line and ignore other things sticking out from it, like for instance in this case totally ignore the cockpit, imagine for a moment that the cockpit is not there at all - how would you then build that one unbroken line.

I would probably go for a sweep along these lines in a couple of pieces:

Something like that anyway.

Then work on the cockpit later as another piece that punches up out of the main body.

Sort of the key thing to look out for is a kind of break in the flow. Like for instance where the cockpit starts, it forms a pretty distinct break here:

Those kinds of breaks are an indication of a separate piece which you want to try to ignore for a moment while you build a bigger sheet that follows a longer unbroken line...

I'm not sure if that helps you or not, but that is kind of an overview of the kind of "build bigger then trim" sort of method and how you kind of analyze the shapes to do that.

I haven't tried to build it with that long sweep method myself so I'm not quite sure if that is really the right way to go, but that is probably what I would try.

- Michael