file size specifics

 From:  Michael Gibson
2074.5 In reply to 2074.4 
Hi Steve,

> Part of the problem could be that I work in mm...I read somewhere
> that that will increase file size, because of the bigger numerical
> values involved (or something)

Yeah, that can be a problem. The deal is that regardless of what unit system you are working in (like whether it is inches, mm, whatever), many operations are carried out to a precision of 0.001 in that unit system.

If you have an object that is say 10,000 units in size, then 0.001 units is a very small fraction of its size, having operations fit to that degree of accuracy will tend to generate denser results, as things continue to refine calculations until they get to that degree of accuracy. Also it will take longer for calculations to complete as well.

So it tends to be best not to create things that are more than say 3,000 units in size or so. If you are creating a lot of objects like that you will probably need to switch to cm instead of mm.

I am working on improving this though, to move calculations to a more adaptive type of target accuracy that is based on a fraction of the size of the object instead of just a hard-coded 0.001 value. It will be a bit before this gets applied to all commands, it has been applied to a couple of them already so far though, like Join and Network.

When more commands are moved over to use the adaptive tolerance it should help to greatly reduce this problem.

- Michael