file size specifics

 From:  steve (STEEVE)
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OK thanks Michael and Grendel, that makes me feel better.

>run Edit/Separate on it to break it into individual surfaces, and then turn on control points with Edit/Show pts. You will likely see that the fillets are pretty dense with control points

It is very educational to do this! I see what you mean when you say

>It is likely that something around 95% of the data size of your file is contained in the surface data for the fillets.

Also cool to see all the construction geometry.

Part of the problem could be that I work in mm...I read somewhere that that will increase file size, because of the bigger numerical values involved (or something)

The only problem I was having was with sending the files by email...i think some isp server timed out. But if I compress them, no problem.

Anyway, I feel a lot better about it now