Export/Import dialog window

 From:  Michael Gibson
2067.2 In reply to 2067.1 
Hi Petr, the normal convention for a "Save" type dialog is that there is no "All formats" entry, that is only for Open type dialogs.

For save/export the normal practice is to have one entry for each different file type so that it can more clearly show which type of file is being written.

With a combined "All" one for save (open is different), it is not clear anymore which file type out of that combined batch you want to use for creating the new file.

So that one particular part about having the "one big item" for save is not really very feasible.

But I have added in an exclusion system for the next beta so you can have some control over the list of file types.

The way it works is a new entry in moi.ini:


The types that you specify in that list will not be displayed as individual items in the type drop-downs on the Save or Open type dialogs.

However, even if a format is excluded from the types drop-down list, you can still export to its format by typing in the file extension directly in the filename.

That's a shortcut that you can use normally as well - you actually don't need to drop down that "Save as type" list at all if you type in the name of the file extension when you are typing in the name of the file. The way MoI is set up, if you type in a file extension directly, that will control the file type that is written regardless of what that "Save as type" dropdown says.

So that is another way to deal with a longer list - just type what you want and don't ever drop down the list at all.

Also when you exclude a file name with the above new moi.ini method, only its individual entry will be removed from the list, it will still be used for the "All supported" entry for Open.

Does that seem like it will cover what you wanted here?

- Michael