From:  Michael Gibson
2063.2 In reply to 2063.1 
Hi Steve, looks like you have got a great method worked out, the results look nice.

> I noticed some of the operations took a long time. For example
> filleting the upper face of the S took about 18 sec, and the internal
> corner where the S meets the flat sheet took about 30s.
> Is this normal?

Yeah, filleting is a pretty intense number crunching operation, so it is not unusual for it to take about that amount of time. The time for that operation is directly proportional to the speed of your computer's CPU - that would certainly get faster on a computer with a faster CPU.

One thing that can also bog it down somewhat is if you have objects at a large numeric scale, like with coordinates larger than 1000 units or so. MoI computes many operations to an accuracy of 0.001 units which can be too tight of an accuracy if you have objects at a larger scale size. That is not easy for me to tell by looking at the screenshots, but you possibly may be running into some of that as well.

- Michael