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As you're talking about it, will Viacad (pro) be a better alternative than rhino to extend my actuall MoI toolset ?
For the moment I switch time to time to rhino for :

- the surface continuity option with the sweep or network tool
- the patch tool
- sometimes to use the sweep tool when Moi's distribution failed to give a nice result.

Of course Rhino do the right job for this, but it's a bit expensive for the 3 tools I use.

As I'm still a noob in this cad world, I don't really get the difference between viacad and Moi/Rhino nurbs library.

You suggest to give a try to viacad, is difference so huge about filleting stuff. It happends in some case that I'm stuck
with some fillets, even if it happends less and less. And most of the time if a fillet failed in MoI, Rhino will not really help either.

Viacad pro seems to have some nice tools in :

- Bending Along Curve ... well why not (are they using construction history to handle this ?)
- Offset Surfaces : would it be a little better than MoI's one ?
- Skin with Guide Curves ... don't really get the concept
- Surface Matching ... sounds cool, and seems to be performed after the surface creation, not sure if it will work on imported models
- Tangent Covers ... well seems to be a patch tool right ?

Would like to have an advice about it, the workflow seems really different from MoI and I'm affraid by the learning curve :S