FBX - 3DS Max - Problems ?

 From:  kevjon
Couple of other problems

1. I have seam in my mesh where the revolved fuselage starts and ends that I can't get rid of. Welding verts doesn't fix it.
2. You can't import other FBX objects until you rename the one in the scene which is called obj1. As the next import will be obj1.
3. Every time you import a new FBX mesh it changes the ambient lighting in the scene to mid grey and you keep having to change it back to black so it doesn't muck up your lighting in the scene.
4. I am getting shading errors in my mesh
5. When I selecting all the polygons of the fuselage mesh and apply smoothing groups to it, it uses every single smoothing group instead of 1 or 2 which is more normal at the default value of 45 deg.
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