Feedback requested on sound commentaries for MOI video tutorials

 From:  Ray (WAGGONER)
I would appreciate some more feedback on the latest development with my MOI video tutorials - commentaries using text-to-speech technology.

There are two tutorials, one in English, the other in French.
Both have been seen before without sound, and can be found on my test site at:

There is an online poll for visitors but I should prefer feedback on this thread if possible.

This is my first attempt at creating a commentary in French, despite hardly speaking a word of the language. I used the new Google Translate service to create the French text. As yet it is not 100% accurate so I kept translating it back and forth from English into French, altering the odd word, then translating again until I got a consistent result. Phew!

The voices were created using high quality text-to-voice technology. This enabled me to convert the written text into synthetic speech. Using this technology could enable me to widen my audience.

I seek honest and constructive feedback on the synthetic voices and, with the French commentary, some idea of linguistic accuracy no matter how bad it may be. :-))

Should this be successful I might translate all my tutorials into French, German and Spanish. If judged a disaster, then I shall stick to English commentaries.