SolidWorks Data Translation

 From:  Michael Gibson
2024.9 In reply to 2024.3 
Hi Grendel,

> Is multi core use during import possible, <...>

Well, I'm using licensed libraries to do pretty much all the work for IGES import... So I am dependent on those libraries getting updated to support multi-core processing.

It tends to be a quite difficult coding task to convert existing code over to work on multiple cores, so it will probably be a while before that happens.

> I have not check but during meshing is that a single core process as well?

Currently meshing is single core as well. However, that is all my own code so that is something I have a lot more control over, and I expect for this part to get multi core enabled sooner than importing would.

But I'm not sure exactly when like I mentioned it is not like you flip a switch and get multi-core happening, there is a lot of specific design for it involved.

- Michael