SolidWorks Data Translation

 From:  Michael Gibson
2024.8 In reply to 2024.5 
Hi yannada,

> Moi is also slow here with large iges files, thougt it may be my
> hardware...only 4 cores 4 ram here.

There are a few things you can do before you import that can help speed it up.

The first thing is go to Options / View / Meshing parameters, and switch the "Mesh angle" parameter to 20 and uncheck "Add detail to inflections".

This will make a coarser display mesh for surface display - by default MoI is set to make a quite dense mesh which makes for a very smooth and good looking display but can really chew up quite a lot of memory when you are dealing with a large assembly.

I would like to do some kind of automatic "throttle down" in the future but currently you need to manually turn it down.

Also quite a bit of the time spent in importing an IGES file is in the process of joining surfaces into a solid. In the latest v2 beta there is an option to turn off joining under Options / Import/Export / IGES options / Join surfaces on import. If you turn that off it will import more quickly but also come in as individual surfaces though too.

You may get a faster import using STEP format instead which stores the edge connectivity information so that a full joining process does not have to happen.

- Michael