SolidWorks Data Translation

 From:  Michael Gibson
2024.7 In reply to 2024.1 
Hi yannada,

re: SolidWorks Native File format

Unfortunately I don't think it is quite as simple as that, from what I understand that exporter to SolidWorks that you are talking about is not a self contained export module that I could use but rather an interface to another export library called Datakit.

I'm not exactly sure if that is an additional piece that you would need to buy to make it work or if it is an additional piece that needs to be licensed by me or what, I have asked the person who makes those translators what the deal is on that one.

But I think that it will likely not be an easy thing for me to add in.

I'm pretty sure that SolidWorks for the past several years now has included a .3dm import module as a standard part of SolidWorks. Does that not work properly for you?

- Michael