SolidWorks Data Translation

 From:  Michael Gibson
2024.14 In reply to 2024.12 
Hi yannada,

> Cool i did not know that... would you say STEP is a better
> format to export from solidworks to MoI? and if not witch
> one? could you elaborate a bit...

It would take some testing to know whether it was actually better or not, I mean theory is not always the same as practice.

But the part that is good about STEP is that it should contain full solids in the file data instead of only surfaces.

By that I mean that the data in the STEP file records how surface edges are joined to other surface edges.

IGES files typically only contain individual surface data, and not any of the edge-to-edge join data. So that means that usually there has to be a joining process that a program has to do after importing IGES data to analyze the surfaces and figure out itself which things should be joined together in order to glue the surfaces into a solid.

That is actually a pretty complex procedure, so it can be good when it is possible to skip that particular step when that connection data is already present and does not need to be calculated, which should be the case typically for STEP data.

But you know, it is not very unusual for there to be some kind bugs or problems in one particular translator and not another, so it is not so easy to just say that one format is just universally always going to work better than another.

- Michael