From:  Lemo (LEMONNADO)
2022.6 In reply to 2022.4 
This is the servo prototype and the cutting range is 43x77 inches. The odd size is the result of the space I could give it in my development cave. It can cut aluminum as well. The forces are laid out so it can even mill mild steel. It's a monster. The motors can dish out 10 HP on each axis. The power supply is hefty.... 850,000 gerbils.... took a while to get them to run in that wheel... but in the end.... it all works out ;). And if not, I got the government to bail me out... The system I am building for a client now cut's 6 ft by 18 ft. Architectural wood working.... I need his fork lift to lift the gantry.... Nothing is light on that machine.... Thanks for the compliments, once I put some lipstick on it I'll show it off again ;).