From:  BurrMan
2022.19 In reply to 2022.18 
Hi Lemonnado,
I suppose that answers that. I was hoping that it was something other than "you know what your doing"!

I was interested in the monster (very nice by the way) and was researching if I could do it myself. The problem for a hobbiest like myself is there is alot of information about alot of stuff, but I find either a guy making one out of "wood" or "cd drives", or a guy who knows what he's doing and what and where to by 10 hp servo motors and drive them!

I suppose a value would be a "takeoff" of your build (unless your going into the building them business) where a guy like me could say "ok, for $6000 I can buy all this stuff and assemble it and have a monster too!

The mechmate thing is hard to deal with as you said, I'm limited to what I can make on my 12 inch machine so I have to make a small machine, but once I have that I can make the bigger one until I get the monster, but by that time I should have just bought a beisse!

Just envy I suppose. Nice job.

PS. Nice casting tip. I think I will try that