From:  Lemo (LEMONNADO)
2022.18 In reply to 2022.17 
100% own design. I looked at the compromises others like ShopBot/Mechmate made and then set out to eliminate them.
What is it exactly you would like to know about? In general it's a steel frame with a gantry running on linear rails and a 3HP spindle.
Envelope is 43x77inches and the maximum travel speed is in the range between 2500 and 3500 Inch per minute. Scary fast....
I limited it to 1200 to prevent that the thing attacks me... The servo drives are a collaboration with a few European friends and is sold commercially now with success. The special thing about this machine is that it uses steel loaded timing belts instead of expensive ball screws or rack and pinion drives. The repeatability is within 1/1000th of an inch. I can't really measure it as it's more precise than the dials I have to measure it (thanks china!). 5/1000 are about the thickness of a sheet of paper. So the machine can run 100 times back and forth and still arrives at the point it set out within a 5/th of a sheet of writing paper. The servo motors use a US made encoder on China DC motors which have a skewered rotor to prevent cogging completely.
The new servo drive electronics coming out can drive dc motors with up to 20amps..... For that 30x40ft cnc muhahahaha. Just joking.... maybe... ha...
The trajectory planer is Mach3 from Artsoft. Right now we are building three machines for surprise clients. Below 10,000$ 4x8 bed and with spindle, pendant, tool setter. Rugged like a tank. Seems we are on to something...