From:  Lemo (LEMONNADO)
2022.16 In reply to 2022.14 
Re Plotter: Yes and no. You would have to beef up a few components as even a dremmel can easily create forces beyond the capability of the plotter mechanics.
But it's the same principle, and with a bunch of tools one can build his own system. Large or small. There are also kit's which would be a good foundation. Usable kit's do start below 2000$ and there are some for about 500$ as well. But once you start....... you will end up with a larger version every few month. And once you understand that the current version you have can actually make the parts for the larger version with the new cool options you thought abut.... you are well on your way down the rabbit hole.... but hey, see the one waving down there.... you got company...

Again, you got the principle right, but the thing must be more rigid.