Modelling help req'd - windshield

 From:  Michael Gibson
2020.7 In reply to 2020.1 
Hi Kevin, yeah really the key concept is like lyes shows there - to build your form as a larger extended sheet initially, then trim or boolean it back to slice out areas. That's instead of trying to build a form to every single final 3D edge directly.

It can be a bit of a difficult shift to get used to if you have spent a lot of time building things with polygons, since you tend to very much more often build directly to the final edges with polygons, and never tend to use many booleans.

With NURBS it is very much the opposite, you'll generally want to build things in a simplified larger structure and then cut or boolean pieces out to make the final outline. Several of the edges in your final model will then be the result of intersections between other surfaces and profiles instead of drawn directly by you.

The general idea is to try and draw more 2D planar curves that are easier to control, and then get more 3D results by intersecting those 2D curves with things. That tends to be how stuff comes together quickly using NURBS.

lyes shows the cutting curve coming from the top, and another option is to do one from the side as well, you can make a flat planar cut by drawing a line as the side profile cutting object.

- Michael