Modelling help req'd - windshield

 From:  Michael Gibson
2020.15 In reply to 2020.14 
Hi Kevin, yeah you may need to edit that curve to tweak the result to what you want.

You can use history to help with that - currently history will be broken after you do the trim or boolean operation but you can use it immediately after you do the sweep to help fine tune the results.

The way that it works is just after you do the sweep, select that center curve and turn on its control points by Edit/Show pts. When you move the curve's points around the sweep will update so you can adjust the shape of the curve and see right away what the effect is on the sweep. You have to just visualize what the result of the cut is though, that part does not work with history yet but I do want to improve this in the future.

I mean you still need to edit points for the NURBS construction method, it is just that the focus is a lot more on editing points of 2D curves rather than editing points of a 3D cage mesh.

- Michael