cannot shell this solid...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2015.7 In reply to 2015.6 
Hi Rudy,

> PS. Hope that V2 will have a volume calculator.

I'll have to see how things look after I've wrapped up the work on the object organization type system first, but yes I think so.

> PS. In a couple of days, I will need to post a new question
> on how to wrap around a curved surface a flat design....may
> be is already in V2.

Unfortunately that kind of deforming and wrapping tends to be a difficult area of work, v2 does not include this so far and is not likely to include it.

It is an area that has been handled well by Rhino in the v4 release - if you need to do surface deforming and wrapping it can be a difficult task to complete in MoI right now, Rhino would probably work better for that particular task.

As far as v2 stuff in MoI goes, there is a good overview of all the new stuff on Petr's page here:

- Michael