Fillet bug with latest V2 beta ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2012.10 In reply to 2012.9 
Hi Kevin, it should work but it tends to be a much more difficult situation for the fillet code to process, particularly if the difference is very slight.

Generally a very small taper will cause problems, to avoid them it is best to have either no taper or one that is a bit larger than that instead of so slightly tapered.

Slight differences tend to cause things like really skinny tiny corner pieces, etc... Those throw a monkey wrench into the fillet mechanisms when the sliverly pieces get to be around the size of the fitting tolerance.

Already filleting like many operations has to work to an approximation or fitting tolerance, when major pieces like corners are also around the same distance as the fitting tolerance pieces tend to get munged together instead of clearly differentiated.

I certainly agree that it would be better for the filleter to handle all situations that you could possibly throw at it and never have any difficulties processing any kind of arrangement of objects.

Unfortunately it takes a really long time and a huge amount of effort to get fillet processing code to that level. MoI's filleter is not to that level yet, but you can get pretty good results with it if you help it out by avoiding some of the areas that it is weak in, such as slight taper and misalignments.

So it's just some good practical advice given MoI's limitations, does that make more sense?

- Michael