Shell problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
201.5 In reply to 201.4 
> I think the latest version of the poly-exporter is great, by the way.


> The only thing I can think of to make it even better would be the possibility
> to set an upper limit to the ammount of vertexes of an n-gon.

What would you want to happen to n-gons that had more than that number? Would they be broken up into triangles, or are you thinking of breaking them into smaller n-gons until they satisfy that number?

The latter will take a different type of polygon processing mechanism than I currently have available, so it will be a while before I'll be able to tackle that, it will probably have to be a future version enhancement.

What about planar shapes, would you expect an ngon vertex limit to apply to those as well? Normally some simple things like the cap of a cylinder will create an ngon with a pretty high vertex count...

- Michael