Couple of questions

 From:  Michael Gibson
200.3 In reply to 200.1 
> 1. There are some nice tools in Rhino such as Project Curve to Surface,
> Duplicate Edge and Duplicate Border.
> What is the alternative to that in Moi3D ?

There is no project yet, as a workaround until it is implemented, you can trim a surface with a curve which will involve a projection of it, then copy the resulting trim curve, undo the trim and then paste.

For DupEdge, there are a couple of different options - to duplicate it in place, select the edge and then copy/paste. You can also select it and use Transform/Copy, or hold down the Control key and click and drag on a selected edge to drag away a duplicate.

For duplicate border, you do the same thing, just select all edges. Eventually there will be a tool that will make it easier to select all edges of a border. Right now you have to click on each one.

Basically, since you can select an edge in MoI you can just use many regular curve or object tools on the edges, there aren't a bunch of specialized tools that you have to use.

> Is it because Boolean work only with surfaces/enclosed volumes?

Yes, that's correct. For now you'll have to use Trim as Richard has mentioned.

- Michael