missing grid snap with scale tool

 From:  Michael Gibson
20.2 In reply to 20.1 
Thanks for the bug report. I can't seem to reproduce the probem, though.

Is it possible that when you're scaling down, your mouse is over top of the original object (shown as dashed lines) and you're getting an object snap?

If you were moving over something like a line, it would look a lot like grid snap was not working. But you should see an object snap label like "On".

Object snap takes precedence over grid snap, sometimes it might get in the way. When that happens, you have to temporarily turn off object snap with the toggle button in the bottom bar. You can also disable individual types of object snaps by the menu that pops up above that button. But I've been hoping to make it easy to leave them all on most of the time.

Please let me know if you're running into something different from what I've described here.


- Michael