Help for "aged" friends!

 From:  Michael Gibson
1989.2 In reply to 1989.1 
Hi Brian, the idea for keyboard shortcuts is that you have the flexibility to define them however you want, they can be set up to however you personally want to customize them.

So that's why there isn't any standard or fixed scheme for them by default, other than a few very common ones like Ctrl+A for Select All.

Keyboard shortcuts definitions are saved to the moi.ini file, so they will persist between different installs already - the part that will not persist are the custom command files which currently need to be copied into the \commands subfolder underneath MoI's main installation folder.

If there are several added commands that you like to use, it is probably a good idea to copy those over to a folder somewhere else (say like a "MoI commands" folder under "My documents" or something like that) - that way you can more easily install those files when new beta releases come out.

I will be seeing about making this easier though, but I have not been able to get to that part quite yet though.

- Michael

P.S. - the new beta is now available on the downloads page, it will just take me a bit to list all the new stuff in it.