Another Layering Request (sigh)

 From:  Satoribomb
Good morning Michael and Moi'ers,

I know that the 2d CAD aspect of MoI is not a priority, but I still use a lot of MoI curves as construction lines and to plot motion arcs for things like actuators, linkages, etc. So, I was wondering if as part of the Layers/Grouping development, it would be possible to have a "snap to background layer" or geometry locking mechanism so curves could be used as 'static' guides, to complement the temporary command-specific guides MoI has now.

For example - below's an early iteration of a "foot" I've been working on. The highlighted circle shows the path of the foot-end pivot point for an actuator (hydraulic/pneumatic-kinda-thingy). This has allowed me to rough out the length of the outer and inner cylinders for the actuator to make sure when I rig this model, there won't be noticeable clipping during animations. My apologies if my terminology is strange - I'm not an engineer, just an enthusiastic Otaku.