From:  Michael Gibson
1987.5 In reply to 1987.3 
Hi Paolo,

> Example 'A' is ok but 'B' and 'C'
> appear strange to me

Actually though all of your examples are doing the same thing.

If you sweep along a line with "both pointy" enabled, you can see what is happening more clearly:

All the examples that you show are variations on this shape.

One other factor though is that blending can currently be stretched out to different proportions depending on the control point spacing of the path curve, so this may be causing some additional stuff there that you don't like.

I do plan on correcting this for v2 so that the shaping will be based only on the distance traveled along the rail curve instead of being sensitive to the spacing of the curve's control points. But it is not an easy thing to fix, I am currently planning to do this as part of a batch of work to sweep that I would like to do a bit later on in the v2 development.

- Michael