Lock plane of rotation in 3D window

 From:  Michael Gibson
1986.5 In reply to 1986.4 
Hi Pilou,

> PS It's not the Key A in the beta default Version?
> (or I have an old remainder ?)

Nope, it's not assigned by default - that is just an old assignment that you set up in the past sometime.

Keyboard shortcuts are stored in the moi.ini file, which is by default located in a central location (under c:\Documents and Settings\...), so stuff that is stored inside of moi.ini will persist between different installations and version upgrades.

The part that I need to add is to put a plug-ins folder in that central location as well, so custom commands can also persist between versions - right now the files for those commands need to be copied into the \commands subfolder for each new version since they are not totally stored in the moi.ini file like the shortcut key definitions are.

- Michael