Lock plane of rotation in 3D window

 From:  Michael Gibson
1986.2 In reply to 1986.1 
Hi Ray - there isn't any way to restrict it just with the mouse movements but you could run a script macro that will do the rotation for you through script calls instead of doing it with the mouse.

If I remember right there was actually a script posted back a while ago that did this, I'll take a look...

Yup - here it is created by Paul:

The way you install it is you download that AutoRotate2.zip file attached to that message, then unzip it to get 2 files: AutoRotate2.htm and AutoRotate2.js .

Copy these files into the \commands subfolder inside of MoI's main installation folder.

With those 2 files copied over there, there will now be a new AutoRotate2 command available to MoI - to activate it you will need to set up a keyboard shortcut. Go to Options / Shortcut keys, and push the "Add" button to add a new blank entry.

Fill in the left side column (labeled "Key") with whatever key you want to trigger the command, like for instance R. Then under the right-side column labeled "Command", type in AutoRotate2. Then you can close that Options dialog and now when you type R you will fire up that custom command which will do a kind of automatic turntable type motion, I think that should be perfect for the kind of screencapture that you want to do.

- Michael