From:  PaQ
Hi Eric,

I'm not sure if using MoI with a tablet will change your life. I know that MoI was designed with tablet users in mind, but except the Draw Curve / Sketch tool, I don't see any other tool that will require the precision from a gfx tablet.

Now talking about tablet precision, there is only one brand : -> Wacom.
They might look quite expensive compared to others (if they are any :P), but the technology and the construction quality are really great.

I can only talk about the intuos serie, I have used every models from that familly, and every format. I personnaly will suggest an A5 (wide) one, it's a good balance between size/cost. The main difference with the Bamboo serie is the pressure sensitive quality, the Intuos give much more levels of pressure, and that's really handy with painting/sculpting software.