Making Rope

 From:  Michael Gibson
1972.13 In reply to 1972.11 
Hi jonah,

> If you make an all quad tube in your subd modeler of
> choice, I am sure it will displace a bit better than an
> exported tube from MoI. Also it will be much easier
> to create texture maps...

Actually, part of MoI's advanced meshing technology also tends to make for all quad results from tubes just with the default meshing settings.

Here's a quick example - a basic tube:

Saved as an OBJ file from MoI:

Zooming in a bit you can see the all quad structure:

An all quad structure just gets naturally created there, so you should not really have to worry so much about going out of your way to do something special to get it.

In this example, there were actually 2 n-gons instead of quads created right in the seam area, so it was actually more like 99.99% quads and not quite 100% quads, but I should be able to fix that up.

The only exception is if you turn the angle slider way up to near the maximum value - once you get up to about less than 5 degrees in the angle parameter, the mesher will stop trying to get a totally uniform all quad mesh and will start using adaptive subdivision instead which will create a non-quad structure.

But if you stay below about 5 degrees on that slider you should get what you want there without any other messing around.

- Michael