Pauls Construction Lines Zip

 From:  Michael Gibson
1962.2 In reply to 1962.1 
Hi Brian, to set up the hotkey you need to go to Options / Shortcut keys, and push the "Add" button at the top to add in a new entry.

There are 2 columns for each shortcut key entry - the column on the left is labeled "Key" at the top and in that column you put the key you want to trigger the command. So for instance if you want to trigger the command when you push K just put in K on that left column's value.

The other column is labeled "Command" - this is where you put in the name of the command, which is the name of the command's script file that you copied into the \commands subfolder. So in this case I think your command is named ConstructionLine - notice that one of the files you copied were named ConstructionLine.js, that is where the name comes from.

So your new entry should look like this:

Key   Command

Once you have added that in you should then be able to type K to fire up that new command.

- Michael