wow, what a great tool!

 From:  Michael Gibson
196.2 In reply to 196.1 
> maybe a n-gons option would help?

Hi Ello, this is what I'm working on right this moment, a first crack at it should be ready within just a couple of days here.

> i put up some images showing some artefacts when creating a boolean union

Can you please post a .3dm file that has those rings in it before the boolean? It will be easier to track down the bug with a file that reproduces the problem.

> and the question that doesnt let me sleep: how much will it cost after the beta time?

The price hasn't been completely set yet, but it is planned that it will be quite inexpensive compared to other CAD programs. So you don't have anything to worry about, go ahead and sleep soundly! :)

- Michael