Group/Ungroup and Variable Fillets

 From:  Michael Gibson
1955.2 In reply to 1955.1 
Hi Ray, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad that you are enjoying MoI's UI!

re: odd program crash - I'd certainly like to fix those up, when MoI crashes it is supposed to write a crash report file named,, etc... - can you please look in MoI's folder inside of Program Files to see if there are any crash reports like that in there? If so, then if you could please e-mail those to me at it might help me fix whatever was going wrong there.

re: #1 group/ungroup - this isn't really something that can be addressed by a script, but it is an area that I will be focusing on soon for version 2.0 .

re: #2 - variable width fillets - no sorry currently MoI does not have a variable radius filleting function. It is also something that I do want to add in though, I am not quite sure on the time frame it probably won't happen until sometime after the grouping type stuff is complete though.

You mention that you have Rhino - just a note - it is possible to use Copy and Paste to share objects back and forth between MoI and Rhino, so can do a Copy in MoI, Paste into Rhino and perform the variable radius fillet there, Copy again in Rhino and then Paste back into MoI. That would probably be the easiest way to get it done currently.

- Michael